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Brisbane Endocrine Education Series (BEES) for GPs

Brisbane Endocrine collaborates with General Practitioners to provide the highest quality specialist care.

To facilitate ongoing collaboration and high quality care, we offer GP practices a series of 30 minute journal club / professional development sessions delivered via videoconference.

Current suggested topics are listed below and GPs can nominate additional topics  to add to the program.

T2DM series

  • GLP Analogues and update on oral agents for T2DM


T1DM series

  • Insulin update for T1DM

  • Outpatient stabilisation of newly diagnosed T1DM

  • Insulin pumps – useful tips for GPs

  • Glucose sensors – useful tips for GPs

General Endocrine Series

  • Common thyroid disorders

Nutrition series

  • Dietary strategies to optimise post prandial glucose

  • Low carb and VLCD diets and diabetes

More information on BEES can be obtained by contacting Brisbane Endocrine.

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